5 Ways To Have Bananas This Summer Image Credit: Getty

Introduction Bananas are a miracle fruit. Available throughout the year, they make for a complete meal by themselves, says celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.  Image Credit: Pexels

Continued You can have bananas first thing in the morning, pre-and post-workout, as a mini meal when your meals are getting delayed, and even with your meals. Video Credit: Pexels

Ways to eat bananas You can eat them with milk, as a sabzi (banana flower), as bhakri (banana flour), banana chips and much more. Image Credit: iStock

To start the day Starting your day with bananas can be helpful for people with migraines, acidity and leg cramps, says Diwekar.  Image Credit: iStock

As a mid-meal Snacking on bananas in between your meals can act as a mood uplifter. It can beat the energy slump that comes with hypothyroidism. Image Credit: Getty

With milk, sugar, roti This is the traditional meal of Shikran, a Marathi recipe. It can help beat headaches and migraines, and is excellent for children.  Image Credit: Getty

To end the meal Having bananas in this way can be helpful for those who struggle with constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diwekar informs in her recent IGTVs.  Image Credit: Pexels

Banana milkshake This can work as a pick-up meal for late-night studying and in between online classes. It is also a great post-workout meal. Image Credit: iStock

Have bananas every day Make sure you ask for the locally-available variety, Diwekar asserts. Eat them for your daily dose of good health and nutrition.  Image Credit: Getty

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